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The Cyber Security & Information Protection Cluster CIC was incorporated in partnership with TeraByte IT, deBrohn Limited, New Business Visions and with support from NERSOU. TeraByte IT identified a risk within the Tees Valley and wider North East regarding the knowledge sharing platform, skills & employment needs and general lack of understanding of both Cyber Security, the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 for regional businesses. By bringing strategic partners on to the steering group, the Community Interest Company has been formed to improve the cyber security and information protection expertise of businesses within the region.


A number of clusters have been formed that are centred around universities. There are 12 centres for excellence in academic research in this field, where the body of knowledge on cyber crime and cyber security is being expanded by students and faculties. These clusters increasingly involve input from specialist cyber security companies and organisations who’s “real-world” experience helps to accelerate the learning process and act as a catalyst for ideas and a proving ground for innovation.

More recently, clusters have started forming comprised entirely of small businesses. This approach was pioneered by the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster – a group of more than 50 small cyber security companies, centred in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, who cooperate on a range of initiatives to grow their cyber security businesses, improve the cyber security of local enterprises, and also raise awareness of cyber security in their combined customer base.

The success of the Malvern cluster has led to the formation of a UK Cyber Security Forum under which a number of new clusters are being formed. These include the North West, Cambridge, London and South Wales and more are springing up all the time.


  • Leading the way in the Tees Valley & North of England’s cyber agenda
  • To create nationwide awareness
  • Inspire national and international expertise through stakeholder partnerships
  • Create regional advisory panel – CTO’s from well known digital companies through to LA’s and cluster organisations to shape where we will drive our resources and support.
  • To be truly innovative and adaptive within the evolving digital environment
  • Supporting the regions skills gaps
  • Supporting our growing digital and IT infrastructure
  • Supporting job creation by offering quality candidates through our training opportunities
  • Supporting public sector and businesses through the transition of cyber assurance